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Back in March when much of Cheshire was locking down, Tom and Karen Halton were gearing up to launch a new business. The couple run an award winning farm in Congleton, milking more than 500 cows, three times a day, which is an awful lot of milk! Four years ago they branched out into supplying raw milk - that’s milk that hasn’t been pasteurised - from a vending machine on the farm.

It was so successful that in early 2020 they decided to install a new dairy, start pasteurising, and take a little more control over exactly where their milk ends up. It’s been a steep learning curve, with a busy few weeks, but now they’ve set up their own delivery service, Cow to Cup. “It’s a chance for us to make sure the product we’re so passionate about ends up on your doorstep in the best possible condition. We do everything here on the farm, which means the product only makes one journey, and that is straight to your doorstep,” says Karen, who’s also working hard to cut plastic use by offering milk in reusable pint and litre glass bottles. “In the last few weeks we’ve managed to cut the amount of plastic we supply by around 85 percent, which means even less ending up in landfill, plus we think the milk tastes even better in glass.”

If you’ve tried Halton Farms fresh milk, you might have noticed it’s a little creamier, that’s because it’s non-homogenised. That’s the process milk often goes through to make sure the fat is distributed evenly throughout the bottle, but Karen and Tom wanted to keep their product tasting like it should. It means you have to shake it up before use, or if you’re feeling cheeky steal the cream off the top first, but either way they’ve had great feedback from customers over its taste.

The team at Halton Farms are so passionate about the work they do that they’re hoping to welcome customers on to farm for a tour as soon as possible owing to Covid 19. Tom Halton, who’s been farming here all his life says “It’s a chance for us to say thank you for your support, but also let you meet our lovely girls.”

The team offer a whole host of locally sourced products for delivery on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you would like to arrange delivery check out the website haltonfarms.com. We can’t wait to have you on board to enjoy our fantastic, healthy product. Supplying it from Cow to Cup, with high animal welfare standards in every drop.

Halton Farms fresh milk to your door locally produced & ready to pour


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