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Feeding Time. a brand new song written about suddenly living in a Congleton ghost town during lockdown. I write music that falls under the ‘Americana’ bracket; music with american roots. Country, soul, blues, folk, gospel etc. My new single, “Feeding Time” leans more towards country. I’ve always loved country, but in the UK its something of a taboo word, though it has evolved dramatically over the past ten years. When I talk about country music, I’m not talking about cheesy, thigh slapping, pistol shooting country and western you expect at Buffalo Bills Wild West Restaurant.

Its real, honest music from the heart. Simple but powerful chords, and tasteful, american inspired instrumentation.

Country music isn’t a prominent genre in the UK but its growing, and I’m proud to bring a slice to Congleton.

We’ve always loved being in the countryside, with beautiful walks and inspiring views, but we also love cool neighbourhoods full of bohemian bars and cafes, reminiscent of visiting Chicago or Brooklyn.

In its own charming and unique way, Congleton has both. When my partner and I, both songwriters and performers, were looking for our first house, Congleton seemed like the perfect place.

Our job is very unique, one on hand, its travelling all over the world, meeting friends, fans and fellow musicians and performing concerts in pubs, clubs and venues. On the other, it’s staying home for weeks on end, writing songs and recording alone in our home studio. The contrast is stark, flitting between social butterfly and reclusive writer, and its the balance that keeps us sane.

So when a full scale lockdown was announced, it was quite a shock for us to spend so much time at home. Our diaries for the year were emptied, summer festivals cancelled, tours and album releases postponed, and paycheques essentially torn in two.

After hearing this, It was a walk through the empty Congleton town centre that became the inspiration for the new song.

Ordinarily I take the bones of a new song into the studio with my backing band, and between us we produce the final song as a collective. Its always a very organic way to play a piece of music and the result feels very natural.

Due to the lockdown restrictions, Feeding Time was different. I had to record my vocal and guitar part at home, and send the song over to the other musicians to do the same. The whole thing was then sent to a mixing engineer who pieced all the parts together. A completely different process that I was quite nervous about, but delighted with the results.

Legendary broadcaster Whispering Bob Harris debuted the song on his Country Show on BBC Radio 2 and the song has since had a number of other radio plays.

Feeding Time by Robbie Cavanagh is available now on all music streaming platforms.


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